Tuesday, November 25, 2008

electronic content

I've just finished loading up my ipod for my train ride to NY tomorrow night - or so I thought.

I don't have a kindle but I think that technology is WAY cool! I'm not crazy about the current corporate model, but I'm sure it will be exploded soon enough. It certainly seems to be a major challenge to the book publishing world and those who make a living by warehousing and selling pulped literature. What we as librarians clearly have to do is be loud and vocal about not allowing access to information - the foundation of free speech, become all contracts and only available to those who can afford it.

BUT - back to my train trip - I've of course seen Whitman's Leaves of Grass many times, yet I haven't bothered to pick it up yet. I found its on LibriVox. So I downloaded the first book and will load it up to see how it strikes me. Poetry is always best listened to, so I'm pretty psyched. (oh, I hope my second attempt at downloading goes better than the first which failed at Opera and let it manage the download - for some reason it seems to reliably do a better job than Firefox)

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