Sunday, November 2, 2008

social shopping

I'm grateful for the introduction to Etsy. It looks like a great way to find cool stuff from cool people. I ended up checking out some vegan food that people will prepare and send to you - cool idea! I've bought from other online vegan sites but I like the idea how this takes the stress out of this side of the business model.

I've used Vista Print for years - you can usually get a bunch (at least 250) free business cards from there for only the cost of shipping (< $8 last time I needed some). They through an advertisement on the back, or you can pay more and have it removed. One year I think we used them to maje holiday cards using a picture I uploaded and they were very nice. I do NOT recomend getting on their email list. Its probably easy to get off, and I really should, as they send emails avery day or two about some "amazing" new sale.

Being broke, I don't plan to use any of these sites much, but I'm grateful to know they exist for when I do get some dough....

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b's grrl said...

Hi. Just got your comment on my site....but ummm can't figure out how to post back! Yeah, I need to work on that.
Sorry not to be able to list some great Veg. sites, would love them myself. I did come across this one
might be helpful. Let me know what you think.
Now I'm off to check out this Etsy thing where they will ship me dinner!!