Friday, November 7, 2008

onlne learning for Hyde Park Teens

hmmmm., I'm challenged to think big about "What kind of online learning program could you develop for your patrons?"

The best online learning program I recall is no longer available for libraries - Rosetta Stone. The way they combined images, sound, and text to immerse you in a language for rapid growth was wonderful. It probably still is, its just not something they're letting us make available to the public anymore, which is really too bad. My ideal online learning program would be similarly completely immersive. Think second life, but easier to enter, with more photo realistic graphics.

There was an online component to my master's program, which usually simply consisted of copies of the week's power point presentation, the course syllabus, and discussion boards. I know some if not all of the classes in the Harvard School of Public Health are filmed and the video is available from the course web site. This could be great, and would be really cool if there were a way to share all these courses with the world.

In my ideal online learning environment, a real person would be (virtually) present to act as a mentor with video conferencing or another means of intimate communication....

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