Sunday, October 19, 2008

at the end of the day, how much is a picture worth again?

Wow, I strongly encurage everyone to check out the work that BPL is digitizing. I recently saw the exhibit on WWII propaganda posters on one of the last days it was up. I walked through a couple days later and found myself disappointed that I couldn't see it again - only to find out today that we can see SO MUCH MORE of the same on line. Here's one of my fav's - if only we could do something to keep the rich from hoarding today:

I started using flickr a couple years ago after attending a cousin's wedding and collecting a ton of photos that I wanted to be able to share with people all around the country. I used it a lot more when I had a working digital camera, and perhaps this post will help kick me to get one up again as I really enjoyed it. The only downside is I never had enough time to fully take advantage of the features it has - I pretty much uploaded pics, tagged them, and sometimes threw them into albums. Something I'd like to do more of is adding them to a map - especially when I travel. Here's a link to my map (which will show how poorly I've been at using this feature).

One thing on privacy - I had family members giving me pictures but they weren't always comfortable with the idea of me uploading them so anyone on the web could see them. Then one day I got a weird message from someone in JAPAN commenting about a rather poorly composed shot of my kids riding bikes in a parking lot near our house that would only be of interest to people who knew my kids (and only marginally even then). It freaked me out to have complete strangers interested in my kids, so I decided to make photos of them only visible to certified "family & friends". As this was a bunch of the pics on my site, the public profile is a little odd, but so it goes. Here's my photostream if you're interested.

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