Friday, October 24, 2008

casting makes me miss a commute

Its not often that I miss the daily commute I gave up when I started working 5 minutes from home. However, this is a case where I do miss it. I enjoyed podcasts most when I took the bus every day and had a full hour of time every day I could dedicate to listening to podcasts. Now, I basically feel its another thing I am just chronically behind on. Like a subscription to The Nation, I know my life would be good if I kept up, but there is just so much competition for my time!
My favorite podcast of commuting was Democracy Now, but its a full hour every weekday. Now I try and make time to watch it at night (you can subscribe to either the video or just the audio), but I must say, I'm behind!
One downside - I can't easily listen to many podcasts while I do something else - I just get distracted and don't pay enough attention. I was listening to a podcast the other day though from all songs considered, which I found really saved me some time and led me to the cool tunes I'm presently enjoying. (It was a story on the new book "1,000 recordings to hear before you die" with snippets from the artists they highlighted. I learned about Lô Borges). I found it in itunes by looking at NPRs various offerings. I also subscribed to The Car Guys top call of the week, the top emailed stories of the day, Wait Wait Don't Tell me and a couple others - but I haven't taken the time to listen to many.... Like I said - if only I was spending more time on public transportation or in my car....

Other podcasts I'd listen to if I could find the time:
Free Speech Radio News - "a grass-roots media worker-run independent half-hour newscast"
Open Source - a blog with a radio show or a radio show with a blog? Quite electic and often very engaging. If you haven't listened yet you owe it to yourself to listen to at least the show "Passion: Libraries".
Oh, I really should find time for Open Source.....

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