Friday, October 24, 2008

Library Videos

The last time I spent much time on You-Tube I was tracking down Monty Python skits my first grade son could enjoy. Today, I quickly came across another video I know he likes: Mr. Bean in the Library (a great example of why silent libraries are not always a good thing):

I certainly spend the most time watching videos that are funny. There's just so much out there that a video has to really grab me to be worth my time. I couldn't stand to watch a boring instructional video - I can't bother usually to open the instruction manual where I can flip to whatever page I might actually need, so I'm really not going to wait at someone else's pace unless its funny and I'm getting something else out of the experience. A library video that I liked was the following one which was apparently submitted for a library's tech week contest. I especially like it because it:
a: Is made by a fan of a library, so its inherently interactive
b: Shot entirely within Sims 2, sucessfuly employing MACHINIMA - the practice of shooting movies within virtual worlds. This is something I've read about but not had the time to dive deep enough into virtual worlds to experience much of. Too cool and so ripe for creative development
c: In another language (sounds Asian but that's as close as I can get) with English sub-titles - for some reason that really worked for me on this one. Let me know what you think:

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